About Pixel Stitch

Started in 2015, the Pixel Stitch Twitch team was created in an effort to bring together Cross-Stitch and embroidery streamers.
We showcase those talented people who choose to share their craft with their Twitch community and inspire others to start stitching.

Many of our members stream games and other crafts as well, but are always willing to talk about CrossStitch with you!

When the team was first started, there were but a handful of people who had dared to stream CrossStitch to Twitch, and it was easy to list them all. In fact, for the second TwitchCon back in 2016, we banded together to create a wall hanging/quilt with squares featuring each of our streams. This quilt was then given to the Twitch Creative staff to hang at Twitch HQ

Over the years some have stopped streaming or started focused on other crafts or gaming. New streamers have come and gone. There are well over 100 streamers who have broadcast cross stitch now.

It’s impossible to keep a full list updated of everyone who streams. The ones listed on the site are featured because they stream cross stitch pretty regularly and are most likely to be the ones live when you’re looking for a channel to watch.

I recommend checking out the CrossStitch community on twitch to discover new stitch streamers! You might also want to check out our Discord and join in the conversation with other stitchers; viewers and streamers alike!

I also try keep the @twitchstitches Twitter account following anyone who has streamed cross stitch on twitch, and it retweets those who use the #CrossStitch hashtag. Those tweets show up on the left sidebar here, so be sure to be using the hashtag!

If you’re a cross stitch streamer not specifically listed on the site yet, please do not take offense. I am one person with a full time job, a life, and a twitch stream of my own to manage. 😉

This site will slowly be expanding to not only showcase Twitch streamers, but to provide resources for new stitchers to get into the craft, as well as resources for starting streaming the craft. As there’s currently only one person really working on the site, progress will be slow.  If you’re interested in writing tutorials for the site, please let me (Sirithre) know.