Tweets by ajonesie_      You can call me AJ. I’m from California. I enjoy streaming as a hobby. I love talking to people and getting to know others. I’ve been an on-and-off streamer since the beginning of February 2015.

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Tweets by Foxxy_Be    Hello! Welcome to the Burrows!! My name is Brittany, and I’m excited to be able to share my love of crafting with you. I started streaming because I work too hard in life not to enjoy the things I love. For a long time, I didn’t even touch a colored pencil because I was “too busy”.…

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Tweets by blackmintz     Blackmintz is a streamer from singapore who primarily does hand embroidery. She also draws, crochets, and does other crafts on stream..

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Tweets by buubuukitteh      Hello, world! This channel is a mix of creative/gaming. I primarily crochet & cross stitch, but I like all sorts of DIY goodness. Cross stitch commissions are OPEN and my patterns are FREE!!

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Tweets by censored_pixel   Jen is a self-proclaimed “human with a potty mouth that attempts to play video games.” ; She also cross-stitches occasionally.

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Tweets by CharlyMinion      Charly lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and streams digital art and CrossStitching. She sometimes does mic-less streams in the evenings due to her husband streaming at the same time.  

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Tweets by CraftingGeek      Jess started streaming late November 2015 but has been stitching for a long time and has a gallery of nerdy projects to prove it. Check out her website or social media for a variety of nerdy crafting projects big and small, and keep an eye out for her streams.

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Tweets by emzolv   EmzOLV is another UK streamer that primarily does gaming, but has been stitching on stream lately. She’s working on a huge still from the Yoshi’s Island opening scene. Tuesday 8pm Short Stream Thursday 8pm Short Stream Friday 11am Day Stream

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Tweets by Fiamma_29   Hello! I’m Fia, I’m a 20-something year old gamer from Brisbane, Australia. I predominantly play WoW, but I also love Pokemon and a bunch of random games and genres. I have a full time job, working 40 hours a week, so this cuts into my gaming time a LOT, but my dream would be to become a…

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Tweets by Frondsy   Frondescence has been working on a large Pokemon CrossStitch project for some time and Shares her progress on Twitch with her viewers. She Streams Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri starting between 12pm-2pm US Central Time (GMT-5)

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Tweets by gamerriku     Riku is a gaming streamer who also does creative streams. On Stream she does a variety of crafts. Crochet blankets, cross stitch a variety of items and do perlers of mostly video game characters.    

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Tweets by jennnuuhh       Hey all! My name is Jennuh and I’m a 29 year old teacher living in Brooklyn, NY. I enjoy running, cross stitching, knitting, video gaming, and reading in my free time. I’m currently prepping to run the TCS NYC Marathon in 2017! I’ve been cross stitching on and off for about 5 years but have…

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Tweets by kwarning9      Kwarning streams Cross Stitch pattern designing as well as actual cross stitching, so this is a good stream to check out if you’re interested in learning how to make your own patterns!

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Tweets by LavenderCourage   Lavender mostly plays games on stream, but has been streaming CrossStitch on occasiona as well. Feel free to pop in and talk about stitching egardless of what she’s doing! 🙂 Streams 5 times per week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Start time is 3pm GMT

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Tweets by MangoAndroid   Mango is a 21 year old from Eastern canada with a passion for games. She doesn’t have a set schedule right now, but has been cross stitching up a storm! 🙂

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Tweets by megaweezl   Megaweezl does a lot of pixel art on stream, but November 22 2015 tried out his first Cross Stitch and is already hooked. Cross Stitch is just pixel art with string, so be sure to check him out regardless what he’s working on!

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Tweets by MotoRuxin      MotoRuxin streams her CrossStitch projects and then does giveaways on stream for the finished project! She makes a lot of gaming/nerd related projects. Follow her stream or social media for notifications that she’s gone live.

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Tweets by Peppicx    Peppi (or Peppe) has been stitching for over a year, and has done a number of video game/pop culture projects. She’s also done a few Twitch emotes.

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Tweets by PuppyAbbott     Puppychan sells her Cross-stitches and plushie creations on Etsy, and streams her work. She stitches primarily on vinyl aida to avoid fraying edges.

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Tweets by SerraAngel_3  SerraAngel has been streaming a large Legend of Zelda themed project since the beginning of February 11, 2016. She streams almost daily between 11pm and 1am EST.

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Tweets by sirithre       Sirithre has been streaming CrossStitch since October 2014, and started out by stitching Twitch Emotes onto 14 count plastic canvas. The intention was to make (late) Christmas presents for some of her favorite Twitch broadcasters with the plan to give it to them in person at PAX South. They became quite popular amongst variety streamers, and now she…

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Tweets by mooseyspooky    Spookfuls does various crafting and gaming streams on this channel. Spookfuls is always working on learning new mediums and trying out new projects. Many of these projects are video game related with her most recent cross stitch involving Elliot from Stardew Valley. Right now these are the most active ones: -Cross stitching (Elliot and The Witcher 3 emblem) -Polymer…

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Tweets by BenRSheldon      StKildaFan is an Australian who streams in the afternoons. He goes through a variety of CrossStitch projects.    

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Tweets by SunkistSheik   SunkistSheik is a longtime stitcher that discovered Twitch November 2015. Currently working on a huuuuuuge Legend of Zelda piece that will likely take her years. She mixes in short projects once in a while as well. Due to a late working schedule, she’ll most often be streaming on the late shift, after 11pm EST.

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Tweets by syzenna_   Syzenna is a 27 year old preschool teacher with a buy schedule. As such streams are random but always worth a watch! Currently she’s working on a giant Sora (Kingdom Hearts) cross stitch.

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Tweets by tashnarr    Tashnarr is primarily a gaming and perler streamer that does CrossStitching live as well. She makes projects for her Patreon supporters live on stream.She’s from the UK, and streams during the evening. Monday: 10pm Movie Monday Sub perk Tuesday: 10pm start. Wednesday: 9pm start. Friday OR Saturday: 9pm – late Sunday: 4pm start. She also does…

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Tweets by TheLastTieLord   TieLord primarily plays games, and speed runs Pokemon TCG. However he’s been known to cross stitch on cast on occasion and with enough encouragement could likely be convinced to stitch more. 😉 Whether he’s stitching or not, give him a follow and check him out!

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Tweets by tinypixxels     Pip is a lovely lady from South Wales who cross-stitches onto Hoodies and other cool things! She streams variety five days a week, twice a day. She’s starting to cross-stitch more in the evening now. When not stitching, she showcases a lot of indie games and is always a fun stream to hang out in.

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Tweets by twocatstv    TwoCats has been working on a large Disney project, a CrossStitch of Cinderella’s castle, which she has been working on for 3 years already. She streams around 3-9PM EST a few times a week. Schedule changes weekly, so keep follow her channel or Twitter for updates.

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Tweets by LadyVaderTweets Vaderlady has been stitching a lot of Pokemon, and has been working on them on stream. She currently streamson Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6ish – 8ish pm PST

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Tweets by RenaeCollects      Renae primarily streams Pokemon and other WiiU/3ds games, however she’s done several Cross Stitch youtube videos in the past and has started streaming it on occasion as well. She primarily does pokemon-themed stitches and has taken to stitching on plastic canvas for ornaments, magnets, and the like.

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