Free Patterns

Twitch branding, logos, and global emotes are owned by Twitch and may not be used in any manner for profit.

That being said, I have made some Twitch-related Cross-Stitch patterns you are free to use.
While you may not sell the products of these, feel free to use them as gifts, or wear/display them to show your Twitch pride. 🙂


Note: Kappa’s pattern was designed so every one pixel is four, because I needed it to be larger for hanging. If you’re making something small, keep that in mind and just do one stitch for every 4-symbol square on the pattern.

(Click to enlarge)
glitchpat KappaPat

elegigglepat swiftragepat


And here’s what they look like stitched:

CK9Wn0CWEAA4VL1 KappaCanvass

elegiggle swiftorss