Stream Setups

So you want to stream Cross Stitch.
There’s a million guides out there already for how to set up OBS and such, so we won’t go too in depth there.
In fact, there’s a full video guide for OBS Studio. Check that out.

The main questions we usually get is how to set up your cameras/desk so you can stitch comfortably while streaming. With all the new Cross Stitch and other creative streamers popping up lately, we’ve been getting these questions a LOT.
So we asked some of our regular stitch streamers to share how they set up their desks.
The same concepts will work whether you’re Cross Stitching, doing perlers, or just drawing.

Kwarning uses a shelf above her desk to suspend the camera over her work area.

Like most streamers, she uses the Logitech c920 camera for it’s high resolution and ability to focus quite well on the stitching.
The camera is held by a bendy camera mount which can be moved and adjusted easily for closer views.








Sirithre uses a similar bendy mount, but clips it to her desk. It arcs over her Qsnap stand for large stitches,  or bent over the middle of her desk for smaller peices.
The Qsnap stand itself is home made made out of various bits of pvc pipe.







MotoRuxin uses a bendy mount as well clipped to her monitor!
And of course her setup wouldn’t be complete without her GlomTom – Ask her or Kwarning about a coupon code if you want a GlomTom for yourself!







Buubuukitteh has a corner desk and uses a boom arm to hold her camera suspended over the front of her desk.
This solution is also sturdy enough to hold up one of her adorable crochet Octos~!








Just have a regular microphone boom arm rather than one designed to hold cameras? That’s okay.
Tashnarr shows us her camera is held up just fine with one of these set up behind her monitors.






JennuhXStitches uses the same mic boom arm setup, but from the side of the desk.







In fact, boom arms seem to be the popular way to go. BeFoxxy uses one as well!









TwoCatsTV doesn’t stream anymore. But if you want to go all out, her setup was rather inspiring! She had a great setup involving a recliner, elaborate stitch stand with magnifier, and a PC to view chat and communicate with the PC across the room running OBS. #StreamGoals









Hopefully this gives you some ideas on what will work for setting up your desk. If you’ve got another unique way to set up your cameras, feel free to share! Tweet it @sirithre and we’ll add it to the page!


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